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Welcome to COMTRACK
The Exchange, over a period of time has observed that commodities have to be electronically accounted in a unique way and also the movement of commodities needs to be tracked. The present accounting system is unable to cater the intricacies of the commodity markets. Hence a need was always felt for an indigenous electronic accounting system hence COMTRACK.

Some of the unique features of COMTRACK are

  • Reduced cost and time for depositors
  • Unique lot number for all deposit
  • On line viewing of warehouse charges
  • Stacking and weight tracking information available in detail
  • Fungibility between spot and futures
  • Secrecy, flexibility, control and confidentiality
  • Real time view of warehousing charges
NCDEX in its endeavor to offer better services for everyone associated with the Exchange, has developed this new application which would offer unique benefits associated with commodity and warehouse management. COMTRACK is a user friendly web based application connecting the Exchange, Warehouses, Assayers, Members, CP's, Investors and Clients. It is thus imperative to note that all clients and members desirous of delivering commodities on the Exchange platform would have to open Accounts in COMTRACK.

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Lot Information
Account opening - Manual
Disclaimer :Please note that any credit balance in the account or this statement is NOT a negotiable Warehouse Receipt
COMTRACK® is an electronic web-based system developed and implemented by the Exchange which facilitates electronic
accounting of commodities deposited in the warehouses approved by the Exchange. COMTRACK® facilitates transfer of
such deposited commodities against the obligations arising out of the trades executed on the Exchange trading platform
under the Clearing and Settlement process of the Exchange. The implementation of COMTRACK® is approved by the Forward
Markets Commission vide its letter nos.7/2/2010-MKT-I dated October 28, 2010 and February 14, 2013.
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Comtrack Electronic Accounting System