Comtrack Participants
Note : Disclaimer for Participants empanelled with NCDEX
Members and market participants trading on the Exchange are hereby informed that, before selecting and or appointing any of the Participants (CPs) from the list of CPs empanelled by the Exchange, they should conduct their own due diligence of CPs with whom they intend to open their commodity accounts for clearing and settlement of the transactions done by them on the Exchange. In the event of any negligence and / or failure to provide services by any CP or any other dispute arising between the Member and the CPs, the Exchange shall not be responsible and / or liable for the same.
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Disclaimer :

1) Please note that any statement derived from COMTRACK® is a mere electronic record of holdings / transactions in the
beneficiary account and is not a negotiable Warehouse Receipt.

2) Please note that any discrepancy in any record of transaction as  reflected  in  a report  or  statement  derived   from
COMTRACK® system should be reported to NCDEX within 48 hours of such transaction failing which such record  shall  be
deemed to be correct. Discrepancies in record / statement, if any, should be reported to
COMTRACK® is an electronic web-based system developed and implemented by the Exchange which facilitates electronic
accounting of commodities deposited in the warehouses approved by the Exchange. COMTRACK®  facilitates  transfer  of
such deposited commodities against the obligations arising out of the trades executed on the Exchange trading  platform
under the Clearing and Settlement process of the Exchange. The  implementation  of  COMTRACK®  is  approved  by  the
Forward Markets Commission vide its letter nos.7/2/2010-MKT-I dated December 28, 2010 and February 14, 2013.
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Comtrack Electronic Accounting System